The Parish Church of Connersville, Indiana

Ash Wednesday Services will be at 5:30 p.m. on February 14th.

It is on this day that we begin to prepare ourselves for the great celebration of Easter by fasting for forty day in humble imitation of our Lord.

Why do we fast for Lent?

1. To chastise the flesh, that it be not too wanton (unrestrained), but tamed and brought in subjection to the spirit. This respect had St. Paul in his fast when he said, “I chastise my body, and bring it into subjection”’ (1 Cor 9:27).

2. That the spirit may be more fervent and earnest in prayer. To this end fasted the prophets and teachers that were at Antioch before they sent forth Paul and Barnabas to preach the Gospel (Acts 13). The same two Apostles fasted for the like purpose, when they commended to God by their earnest prayers the congregation that were at Antioch, Pisidia, Iconium, and Lystra (Acts 14:23).

3. That our fast be a testimony and witness with us before God of our humble submission to his high Majesty, when we confess and acknowledge our sins unto him, and are inwardly touched with sorrowfulness of heart, bewailing the same in the training of our bodies.